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Jimmy Butler Joins The List Of Cover Stars Of NBA 2K17

Jimmy Butler Joins The List Of Cover Stars Of NBA 2K17

NBA2K17 as the virtual basketball game, the next cover was appeared. Jimmy Butler, Make a comparation of his actual physique, nowadays, he have a thicker than his actual physique but looks sure surreal. His face reveal that was well- sculpted, and is full with strength and endurance. If you want see more realistic screenshot or footage, stay tuned U4NBA.

Latest news update: The next cover of the virtual basketball game


Jimmy Butler, 27 years old, joins the list of cover stars of “NBA 2K17” like Andre Drummond, Kevin Durant, Paul George,Kyrie Irving and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Who is the most Valuable Player in NBA? the answer is Durant, whereas George is an All-Star for three times. meanwhile, in the world of NBA, Drummond and Towns are one of the upcoming stars.

“NBA 2K17” is rightfully on target with their decision to star Jimmy Butler in their cover. In the last season, he earned 20.9 points, 4.8 assists, 5.3 rebounds and 1.6 steals. From the floor, his shooting percentage is 45.4 per cent. It can be recalled that in 2011, Jimmy Butler was just in the 30th place in the overall pick. Now, on NBA’s next season, he will be going on his sixth as the swingman of Chicago Bulls.

It is good to note that makers of “NBA 2K17” took time to create a realistic image of Jimmy Butler. Viewers have noted that Durant’s body built in the simulated game is relatively thinner in contrast with the rendering of George, Irving and even that of game’s latest cover star.

Did Jimmy Butler’s fans guess he will be the next cover of “NBA 2K17?” U4NBA reported that followers actually anticipated it when he showed up as a guest at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” television show. Interestingly, Butler had said that he is perfecting his full court shots in “2K” virtual game.

In addition to Jimmy Butler, the highly anticipated’s basketball game of NBA2K17 soon to be announce another super star cover, Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose were already featured previously by 2K. Stay glued to U4NBA as we keep you updated with the latest and trendiest news!

The Pursuit Of NBA2K17 Is Make Game More Realistic

The Pursuit Of NBA2K17 Is Make Game More Realistic

At Gamescom 2016, 2K Sports Brand Manager Andrew Blumberg told a room of reporters:” actually, every year our goal is to be the most realistic sports game on the market.” Obviously, as we all know fact that the task is arduous, in addition to that, NBA2K developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K take it seriously. if you want to know more 2K’s news, stay tuned U4NBA.

It’s reflect phenomenon that the current affairs of professional basketball are worth to attention, meanwhile, upcoming NBA2K17 news update and announcement give an exemplification. It is likely to just take one year that from spotlighting up and coming talent like Indiana Pacer small forward Paul George to putting Kobe Bryant on the cover of the special editions after his NBA retirement.


2K Sports’ Gamescom presentation started with a focus on basketball in Europe. They quickly recapped how Spain’s towering power foward/center Pau Gasol and Italy’s talented small forward Danilo Gallinari will appear as cover athletes of NBA 2K17 in certain regions. And for the first time, the Euro League would have 21 up-to-date teams in the game. “In the past, we’ve been a year behind,” Blumberg said, “just because European teams are selected late in the summer and it didn’t work for our timelines.” Since the Euro league adopted a new format this year, it allowed 2K to identify teams much earlier and get them into the new game.

2K ended its presentation with a demo showcasing one quarter of NBA 2K17 gameplay, and the improved lighting and graphics immediately stood out. Blumberg told us that the development team worked on revamping the lighting to make it custom for each basketball arena, so diehard fans will notice how the bright lights of the Cleveland Cavalier’s Quicken Loans Arena differ compared the focused lighting of the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s just another example of NBA 2K’s dedication to capturing the look and feel of a live TV broadcast. The glassy look on the players faces is still here but, outside of the occasional weird closeups, it all looks and sounds incredibly authentic.

But the big announcement for basketball fans around the world is the inclusion of the legendary 1992 USA Dream Team, which is playable for the first time since 2K13. It’s a pre-order bonus (but it can also be purchased separately in regular editions), but regardless of how you feel about pre-sale content it’s hard not to get excited for the most celebrated talent in the history of the sport, with headliners like Michael Jordan, Sir Charles Barkely, and Larry Bird in one unforgettable lineup. Blumberg said the current US Olympic Dream Team team is also available along with celebrated college basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski, who’s pulling double duty for his first 2K appearance: he will be the sideline coach for the current team, and the voice of the tutorial mode, called 2KU.

Blumberg gave us a quick update on some gameplay changes. The development team wanted to put more control in the hands of the user and rely less on probability from stats. They also revamped the fatigue system. In previous 2K games, you could play your starting roster for the majority of the game and play for 48 minutes straight without it affecting your players. Now, your digital athletes will start missing shots, be slower to react, and more susceptible to injuries if you keep them in too long. Ultimately, you’ll have to get your bench players into the game and rest the starters if you want to win simulation games.

Visual Concepts has made effort to make it closer to real life basketball, the way is done some work on the rebound system. Blumberg said:”last year, pretty much every rebound was caught cleanly by a defender.” That doesn’t happen in basketball all the time. game physical part including some respect such as a group of pepole are flighting for the ball, it gets tipped around,he also told us that players will see the ball get tipped around more as players crash the backboards. You can tap the ball over to a teammate if you’re unable to pull bound a rebound yourself. We even saw an offensive player catch the ball and take a shot in mid-air. Blumberg said stealing the ball also had a significant revamp, so it’s not abused as much as it was last year’s games.

At present, NBA2K17 is try to more and to be a more realistic video basketball game, apart from this, we can see the scene of NBA2K17 is looking sharp and following a consistent string of great basketball games. firming and consistently chasing the dream of the most authentic basketball game in town, It’s a long way for NBA2K to continue tinkered away at each new installment and the effort shows. additionally, it’s point out that left a few announcements ,so, let’s us looking forward to more NBA2K-related announcements appear in the future. More screenshot, footage, news, first to see,you can click into U4NBA.COM.

EuroLeague Basketball’s Teams Will Be Available In NBA 2K17 This Year

EuroLeague Basketball’s Teams Will Be Available In NBA 2K17 This Year

In this year, NBA2K17 will be released on the series of platforms, following the Euroleague Basketbal’s complete teams roster will be made public. Meanwhile, as announced by developer Visual Concepts, It’s appeared the phenomenon that on top of 21 Europe’s teams will be present , including all 16 of the teams that are competing in the upcoming season. More latest news of NBA2K17, please stay tuned U4NBA.


At present, The full list of available teams is below:

ALBA Berlin
Brose Bamberg
CSKA Moscow
FC Bayern Munich
FC Barcelona Lassa
Fenerbahce Istanbul
Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv
Olympiacos Piraeus
Ratiopharm Ulm
Real Madrid
Unicaja Malaga
Unics Kazan
Valencia Basket
Zalgiris Kaunas
Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade
Darussafaka Dogus Istanbul
EA7 Emporio Armani Milan
Laboral Kutxa Vitoria Gasteiz
Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul
Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens

This should add unique flavor to the NBA experience, especially as it will add teams and players with whom gamers in North America may be unfamiliar.

As stated by Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Sports Marketing at 2K:

We’re happy to continue our collaboration with the EuroLeague, and are excited to see the line-up for the upcoming season fully available in NBA2K17.

Euroleague Basketball’s Chief Business Development Officer, Roser Queraltó, also had this to add:

Having all EuroLeague teams and their stars in NBA2K17 makes this a special edition for fans, who we are sure will enjoy what our clubs and stars bring to the game.

A special edition will be provided for fans, of course, As special features is all Euroleague teams and their stars in NBA2K17, who we are sure will enjoy what our clubs and stars bring to the game.

Official news reported: NBA2K17 soon to be release on the market on september 16th, meanwhile, the special NBA2K17 Kobe Bryant Legend Edition and Legend Edition Gold will be will be available the same day, but please attention to only for Xbox One. If you want pre-order in advance,you need to buy NBA2K MT in time.

NBA2K17 Edition Cover List Was Announced

NBA2K17 Edition Cover List Was Announced

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant creat her lengend on her basketball career, so, it’s not strange that he was choosed on behalf of the cover of a special lengend edition of NBA2K17. As we all know, NBA2K17 is the popular video game at present, we expect to the franchise’s two cover athletes for the 2016-17 season. NBA2K17 news update again, you can click into U4NBA to get it.

For some star that comes to mind when picking an NBA2K cover athlete, George probably is not be the first person. (Even if he appeared related games edition cover such as MyNBA2K16, 2K Sports’ mobile version of NBA 2K) nonetheless, he is indeed deserving.


Notwithstanding Bryant’s farewell tour and Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors’ historic dominance, George’s return to stardom and relevance was arguably the best and most inspiring story of the season.

After suffering a brutal leg injury during a Team USA exhibition game a couple months before the 2014-15 season, George returned in 2015-16 as his elite, two-way self and led a mediocre Pacers roster to the seventh-seed in a surprisingly deep Eastern Conference (for what it’s worth, the Pacers were in contention for home-court advantage for over half the season).

Despite an obvious talent disparity, the Pacers pushed the No. 2-seeded Toronto Raptors to seven games in the first round, and nearly stole the series.

Additionally, there wasn’t really another great alternative. Following ,we introduction some athletes in the recent of 2K edition cover.

LeBron James
Stephen Curry
Kevin Durant (twice)
Blake Griffin
James Harden
Anthony Davis
Derrick Rose

The only other obvious, non-repetitive options — subjectively based on star appeal and this season’s All-NBA voting — would’ve been Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, Draymond Green and/or Karl-Anthony Towns (who will probably be the presumptive favorite for NBA 2K18).

When comparing those options to George, it seems like 2K Sports made the right decision. If want to get more latest, stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

Karl-Anthony Towns Appear The First Official Screenshot

Karl-Anthony Towns Appear The First Official Screenshot

Karl-Anthony Towns is the player featured in NBA 2K’s latest screenshot reveal: NBA Rookie of the Year and cornerstone of the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise.


Actually, we are extremely pleased to see the scene of him getting this type of exposure, it’s clear to see KAT is probably next superstar in the league. More latest news, please attention to U4NBA.COM.

It is earlier reveal in the week that (Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler) I’ve included a side-by-side comparison image of KAT in NBA 2K16 with the new render for NBA 2K17.


From what we can see, KAT’s hair has clearly been upgraded. His complexion and overall facial render is on point. Of the four that have been revealed to this point, this is my favorite.

We can’t see the torso or legs to determine whether KAT is carrying more heft in NBA 2K17. Thicker models appears to be the chosen direction for many of the players.

We should have three more days of screenshot reveals remaining, and there could be other information released. If you want to see more screenshot, stay tuned U4NBA.

Jimmy Butler Screenshot Appeared and Comparison

Jimmy Butler Screenshot Appeared and Comparison

Following we can see the scene of Jimmy’s virtual picture taken for NBA2K17.

As we all know, Team TISI +% 2K have been revealed screenshots of players by 2K Sports, meanwhile, on wednesday, that day is the Chicago Bulls swingman’s day. More Screenshots and latest news of NBA2K17, stay tuned U4NBA.

We together look at his in-game render


If you recall the render of Kevin Durant we saw in the Team USA trailer, the thinner body frames just might contrast well against the more muscular or thick players.

As I’ve done all week with Paul George and Kyrie Irving, I’ve taken a snapshot of Butler in a similar pose from NBA 2K16 for comparison sake. Here’s a look at the comp:


It’s clear to see, 2K Sports has taken measures to create a clear differentiation in body types. George, Irving and now Butler all have noticeably thicker builds.

With Gamescom in motion, we should be getting our first glimpse of gameplay soon–though it may be of the shaky-cam variety.


Butler’s hair appears to be captured better, as is his shorter wingspan. His face is a little more sculpted, and as has been the case with the other two reveals, he looks more life like.

Keep your eyes on U4NBA.COM to get the latest information on this and other sports and gaming information.

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Awaiting for NBA2K Games Upgrade: Just Like A Sneakers Wish List

Awaiting for NBA2K Games Upgrade: Just Like A Sneakers Wish List

Official news reports: NBA2K17 release date is less than a month away, meanwhile, first official screenshots and trailer start face to fans across the world, the purpose is achieve the desired hype’s effect. Every year, it’s hope springs eternal and gamers are optimistic (or on Twitter, you are viciously pessimistic) ,2K17 will show a better product based on 2K16 brought to the table and the result. Stay tuned U4NBA reported latest NBA2K17 news.


We can see by all sorts of angles that 2K series games as a popular game, a lot of people seeing its upgrade and change, Some people want to see a more realistic career mode while others just want their custom avatar to look as fly as possible for MyPark.

The game’s actual mechanics are often scrutinized from year to year as developers tweak everything to reflect the real life NBA, much to chagrin or joy of fans. And then there are nut cases like myself who want to see the sneakers get as much love and care from the team as the uniforms, the accessories and the sweat crew. Yes, getting the level of sweat accurate is a critical part of any 2K game and why people care about that more than the kicks is beyond me.

After all, we should pleased to that sneakers is extremely close to real effect in the game, before we reach that uncanny valley, there are still a ways to go. So about some comments such as beyond the “make the shoes more real LOLZ”, we also see other things, this means that some uncommon and beyond things, we still awaiting for its change. Click into related games platforms to get latest news such as U4NBA.COM.

Career Mode of NBA2K17 Features: More Realstic

Career Mode of NBA2K17 Features: More Realstic

After more than one month, with highly anticipated “NBA2K17” comes out, especially is its Career Mode, fans of the game on the actual court and video game expect to see changes. For last year’s “NBA2K16” is full of unfavorable reviews, in this regard, “NBA2K17” will be break this situation. Additionally, related game platforms report related news such as U4NBA.COM.


“NBA 2K17″soon to be release, as announced by reports, players are expecting the Career Mode to be way better than that in the previous title. Fans hope that the development of their stories can influence the turnout of the game.

Gamers are looking forward to player ratings update for the “2K17.” The newest title’s character ratings are based on their performance in the previous season. However, 2K sometimes falls short in projecting the character’s ratings in the upcoming basketball season.

The Career Mode debuted in last year’s “NBA 2K16.” Because of its hype before its release, hoards of fans were expecting the said mode to be realistic. 2K even named filmmaker Spike Lee as one of the men behind the “Be the story” campaign. However, the minute the game landed on fans’ palms and checked out the said mode, it did not meet fans’ expectations. One of the problems that the gamers pointed out is its limited decision options.

According to reports, the upcoming title already revealed its My Team NBA Cards. If one pre-orders the Gold Edition, then they can get any of the Three NBA Cards that have Kobe Bryant, Paul George, and Michael Jordan on it. The reason why these prominent names are on the special cards is because all of them had a 90 overall player rating. George garnered 90 and more than 99 for Bryant and Jordan. More news details of NBA2K17, U4NBA will be provide for you.

With all the additions that the “NBA 2K17” promises to have, it could hopefully bring more freedom to users when they opt for the Career Mode. This means that players can customize the fictional player — both physical features and life story.

“NBA 2K17” comes out on Sept. 20 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. players want to play the game, They need to buy NBA2K MT to play it.

Paul George Official Screenshots are Better Than 2K16

Paul George Official Screenshots are Better Than 2K16

Some day ago, as announced by 2K’s introduction about the 1992 Dream team and the 2016 men’s national team for the Olympics. At present, related screenshot of Paul George appeared, obviously, we’ve seen George done his official Pacers uniform on an official screenshot.


Possibly, for gamers and fans who had been paying attention to detail in the NBA 2k’s graphic engine, the screenshot above shows that 2K is pushing the game’s graphical muscle to make the players appear more life-like than ever.

Paul’s recreation in “NBA 2k16” pales to compare with the game’s newest iteration, which can be easily seen here.

Hopefully, this would be the same exact visuals that fans and players will be able to experience with “NBA 2k17” and fortunately, 2K is never the publisher to disappoint and fans can be sure to enjoy the features it has to offer.

As “NBA 2K17” slowly approaches, we’ll get a daily dose of screenshots from the official NBA2K twitter account every noon, so following them on Twitter is a must for fans in order to see more of the game’s visual and features.

In other news, NBA2K Official Soundtrack has been revealed just a few days ago as reported by Gamespot. For those who can’t get enough of the game’s jams, the official soundtrack contains 50 songs from various artists like Jay-Z, Drake, OutKast, and more.

Their songs are available to be listened to on Spotify. A list of all the songs included in the OST for “NBA 2K17” is also featured on PastaPadre.

NBA2K17 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC this September 20, If you pre-ordered in advance, you would be get the edition of game four days earlier, we can creat access to get more related NBA2K17 news, recommend you click into U4NBA.COM.