NBA2K17 Career Mode is More Relastic than before Games

NBA2K17 Career Mode is More Relastic than before Games

It says that you make decisions in life, there are always repercussions regardless if they are good or bad. unfortunately, that is not happening in 2K16, the game remarkable features is the experience of basketball player extremely interesting. but the decisions that a gamer makes in Career Mode does not influence the gameplay.


The upcoming NBA 2K17 needs to understand this shortcoming that has plagued the previous games throughout many years. If this is followed, then it would surely make NBA 2K17 a more realistic basketball.

The way we see it, this is a flaw that needs to be fixed in NBA 2K17. For many, this is an obvious problem that needs to be taken action by the NBA 2K17 developers.

The features that are on NBA 2K16’s Career Mode are redundant features that are in its previous games – NBA 2K15 and NBA 2k14. This leads many to expect for the needed changes in NBA 2K17.

As of now, the game is still undergoing the final phases of its development. Rumors suggest that there will be a host of new features that will be offered in the upcoming hit video game. It is undeniable that every feature in the game would surely be a fun one; however, the Career Mode should be revamped to make it even more fun and interesting.

It would be best to put new Career Mode options as well as more specific choices that will be made by the player. If this will be followed, then it would surely revolutionize the trend that 2K Sports has, and would seal an impression that the game will be the best choice, instead of its rival NBA Live 17.

It is not deny that the Career Mode is the favorite game mode for players, throughout the years, many NBA2K games appeared into life, nonetheless, due to its unprogressive state no longer be the trend now.


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