NBA2K17 Included 50 Songs and Related News about Bonuses and Player Cards

NBA2K17 Included 50 Songs and Related News about Bonuses and Player Cards

NBA17 get updated and improvements on some aspect, especially soundtrack the edition of NBA2K17 released, According to Gamespot, Grimes was choosen for singer of the soundtrack, Noah Shebib and Imagine Dragons curated all soundtrack process. the soundtrack is comprising for 50 songs.


Predicted Features

Fans of NBA 2K expect to see major and minor improvements from the previous version, NBA 2K16. These improvements include updated player ratings and a better Career mode. In particular, fans think Stephen Curry needs a ratings boost. He had a 92 in 2K16, but that doesn’t seem to be enough when you consider his dominance (despite losing in the Finals against Cleveland Cavaliers): winning unanimous MVP, hitting incredibly long threes, and setting individual and team season records.

Some are suggesting that alternate endings to the Career mode will make the game more interesting. In 2K16, there is always one ending for the main protagonist no matter what you do.

NBA 2K17 Pre-Order Bonuses

One of the freebies you will get when you pre-order NBA 2K17 is a special code which will unlock the 1992 Team USA “Dream Team”. For pre-ordering the Standard Edition, fans will get 5,000 Virtual Currencies and Paul George Free Agent card included in the MyTEAM bundle.

New Players Cards

NBA 2K17’s new mode, called MyTEAM, features Paul George, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan player cards. The design of the player cards themselves are different from last year’s; they now sport a transparent look which can be checked out in this tweet by @NBA2K.

NBA 2K17 Audio Tracks

You should expect to hear the following songs while playing NBA 2K17: Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love) by Jay-Z, Rosa Parks by Outkast, Friction by Imagine Dragons, and Pop Style by Drake.

You can see the full list of songs in the NBA 2K17 soundtrack here. Fans can also browse the songs through Spotify.

Team USA Basketball 2016

NBA 2K partnered with USA Basketball to bring the 2016 USA Men’s Olympic basketball team to the game. According to Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing for NBA 2K, “In 2K13, we had a pretty basic integration. With the partnership with USAB, we’ve done a lot more. It’s the quality of the experience. The graphics have improved dramatically in the next-gen consoles.”

Release Date

The initial release date for the much-anticipated latest version of NBA 2K is on September 20, 2016. This will be for all gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. Pre-orders are also available so that fans who can’t wait will get their game 4 days earlier.

The release date is quite early compared to previous NBA game releases. This year’s release, is in fact, 9 days earlier than last year’s release, so,If you want to play the games earlier, you can buy NBA2K17 MT in advance.


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